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Disaster Preparedness
Crime Prevention


In a matter of minutes an enjoyable day in the great outdoors can become a life threatening situation. Becoming lost, injured or stranded, your abililty to signal for help is the number one factor in being rescued. Carrying a rescue whistle on your person is an inexpensive and easy way to identify yourself as being in need of rescue and being found.

When it comes down to your life, this simple, but essential Safety Tool is the primary instrument that brings aid to you and your loved ones in a disaster or life-threatening situation.

3-blasts from the whistle is an Internationally Recognized Distress Signal.

Disaster Preparedness

Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes and Fires all create situations where you can quickly become trapped inside a building unable to escape. Choking dust and smoke will limit your ability to call for help and noise from emergency response vehicles can drown out your shouts. During floods, people trapped in attics or behind debris go unnoticed by search teams. Blowing a whistle gets your heard over the roar of a building fire and found dispite vision blocking smoke..

Taping a rescue whistle under your desk makes it quickly available when you take cover for shelter. Carrying another whistle on your key-chain or key-card makes sure you have a signalling device nearby when disaster strikes.

Crime Prevention / Campus Safety

One of the safest forms of personal protection is a loud whistle. A whistle can't be turned against you like many other personal defense tools. Criminals rely on commiting their acts without drawing attention to themselves. The 120 Decibel blast from our whistle lets people know you need help and deters criminals from carrying out their assault. People have been conditioned to know that the sound from a whistle is a call for action and it instantly gets their attention.

With proper education, children and young adults can be taught to be responsible owners of Safety Whistles and use it only for help when lost or under the threat of abduction to themselves or their friends around them. Campus Safety Programs benefit greatly from this inexpensive and reliable whistle.
Search and Rescue
Disaster Preparation
Personal Safety

Frequently Asked Questions about our Whistle

What makes your Safety Whistle different from the others out there?

Omni-directional 3-chambered sound. The main chamber with pore filled pea creats a loud stacatto sound which is critical for being heard above the roar of wind or emergency vehicles. The two pea-less side chambers create separate omni directional high-pitched sounds. The combination of these three chambers produces multiple pitch and tribble that can be heard more easily.

Material. Most whistles are made of metal or cheap plastic. Our Safety Whistle is made of high quality ABS plastic. Metal will stick to your mouth in cold weather making it difficult to use. Metal and cheap plastic will dent or break rendering it ineffective. Our Whistle was not dented or affected after driving a fully loaded Search & Rescue SUV over it

Decibel Level. Most whistles do not produce a level over 60Db. This Whistle produces a sound louder than a rock concert and slightly quieter than a jet engine.

How is such a high sound level produced?

Our Safety Whistle uses three chambers to produce the 120 Decibel sound with minimal effort from the user. The side chambers produce two different high pitched sounds, while the center chamber has a pore filled cork pea to produce a loud stacatto effect. Variations in sound are what makes your signal standout in areas of varying ambient noise such as wind, rivers and city streets.

Will the pea in the whistle swell if exposed to water?

Absolutely not! This is a myth perpetuated in the manufacturing industry to try and differentiate various products. We use pore-filled natural cork. The pore filling process closes any natural voids found in cork, giving it a consistent sealed surface. Water coats the cork, but does not penetrate to any signifigant volume. We have tested whistles submerged for over a week and they perform exactly as a dry whistle. The 2 additional pea-less chambers will also operate in any weather or survival condition.

Does your whistle meet Coast Guard SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requirements?

This whistle actually exceeds the requirements by this life saving treaty and regulations, which is why it is recommended by leading Search and Rescue Personnel around the world and endorsed by the National Safe Boating Council.

Why is your whistle made from plastic?

Our whistle is made from ABS plastic for its tough lightweight properties. But more importantly so it won't stick to you lips in freezing temperatures like metal whistles do. Many imported whistles are made from cheaper polypropylene plastic that easily breaks. Our whistles are also 100% free of BPA!

Does your whistle come in different colors?

The standard whistle comes in safety-orage for maximum visibility. Custom colors and logo designs are available in volume orders to charities, organizations, and companies. Any whistle can be custom matched to your logo colors.

Do you have special offers for charities?

Yes, our goal is to help save lives and the best way to do that is to provide whistles for as many people as possible. We offer special offers for charitable and non-profit organizations to help in their fundrasing efforts, such as the Boy Scouts, Breast Cancer, and Disaster Relief. Please contact us for additional info and to see if you qualify.

Will my logo wear or scratch off?

Your UV-resistant logo is covered under self-healing resin, protecting it for years to come. Over 30 percent of the top surface area displays your valuable logo. Many other manufacturers use pad-printing to apply the logo, which quickly wears off through daily use.

What are the dimensions and specifications of your Safety Whistle?
  • High impact ABS plastic
  • Length 70 MM (2.76”)
  • Width (at widest point) 35 MM (1.38”)
  • Thickness (at thickest point) 20 MM (excluding pea barrel - 10 MM)
  • Top Surface Logo Area 25 x 30 MM (non-rectangular) or approx. 750 Sq. MM of viewing area. The logo area on the top surface equals about 30% of the visible area.
  • Underside area for Logo, compass, light, thermometer, altimeter, etc. Circular -20 MM in diameter, or 314 Sq. MM of viewing area. The logo area on the bottom surface (if not used for one of the option enhancements) equals about 13% of the visible area.
  • Loudness - 118 - 120 db
  • Pea diameter 8mm pore filled natural cork.

Official Whistle of NASAR