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Our Safety Whistle is used or endorsed by: Survival Consultants, U.S. Coast Guard, US Forest Service, National Park Service, Emergency Response International, National Safe Boating Council, Outdoor Safe Inc., Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Army Corps of Engineers, National Association for Search and Rescue, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, US Military and many Campus Safety and Child Protection Programs across the North America.

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National Association For Search & Rescue

On behalf of the NASAR Board of Directors and Staff, I would like to thank you for allowing us to evaluate your whistle. It meets or exceeds all our expectations.

The whistles provided by Whistles For Life will be the official whistle for the National Association for Search and Rescue.

Megan Bartlett - Interim Executive Director

Outward Bound Canada

Last year Outward Bound Canada field tested the Signal #1 Tri-Power whistle from Whistles For Life with quite good results. In a “blind whistle test” 4 out of 5 instructors said they felt the Tri-Power whistle was louder and indicated a truer feeling that there was an emergency which needed responding to.

We also sent it on our extended wilderness courses on the river, ocean, and mountain environments. Instructors specifically noted it was easier to hear as a whistle signal while descending rapids. As one of our safety protocols, students wear a whistle at all times during wilderness trips and I’m proud to say that this summer the Signal #1 Tri-Power whistle is our whistle of choice.

Michael Crowtz
Program & Technical Director
Outward Bound Canada

Whistler Search & Rescue

Whistler Search & Rescue

Thank you for the whistles that you supplied for our team to test.  We found your product to be well constructed, durable and produce an excellent sound.  We have no doubt that your whistles prove themselves to be an outstanding search and rescue tool that will assist greatly in the lifesaving process.

The Whistler Search and Rescue Society recommend and endorse your whistles as a valuable part of any safety kit for both search and rescue teams and any outdoor recreational enthusiasts.


Ted Pryce-Jones

Secretary, Whistler Search and Rescue Society

Outdoor Safe Inc.

I have in my possession most of the whistles that are currently available on the retail market and have tested all of them under a wide variety of field conditions. While my evaluation of the whistles was hardly "scientific" the differences between them was very apparent. Under less than ideal ambient noise conditions (wind and river noise) your Whistle could still be heard when others were inaudible. When ambient noise conditions were optimum the Whistle For Life could be heard over longer distances than the other currently available whistles.

In the final analysis, given the choices that OutdoorSafe Inc. has to include any one of the many whistles available in our survival kits, our choice is, and will remain the Whistle For Life.

Peter Kummerfeldt
President OutdoorSafe, Inc.

Emergency Response International

We would like to use your Tri-Power Whistle both in our search and rescue and survival training programs and would like to distribute your literature and sample whistles wherever we present training throughout the world...As one of the prime training contractors for Homeland Security, we provide regular training programs in global survival to three of the Department's fixed wing, helicopter and marine interdiction agencies; Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and the Coast Guard. We would like to propose that every graduate of our basic and refresher survival courses will be given a thorough briefing on the attributes of this new whistle and issue a sample along with their diploma.

I would also like to offer the new whistles as part of the equipment inventory on our website (Eri-online.com). This site is accessed by professionals in SAR and survival training from all over the world. We will only be offering equipment that we have tested and that we believe is superior in its performance. It is our recommendation that the new Whistle be a "must carry item" in our list of essentials for the outdoors.

Robert C. "Skip: Stoffel
President - Emergency Response International

Community Emergency Response Team

I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the Whistle For Life that we now provide to our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members. We feel that the whistle provides an excellent signaling device for any scenario the CERT member might find themselves in. It also gives them a sense of security and safety.

We find that this whistle's construction is superior to most, and the split ring and hook allow it to easily be attached to bags, packs or clothing. The CERT logo really adds a sense of pride for the members and identifies them with a great program.

Thank you so much for providing such a quality, useful product. Whistles For Life is a winner!

Bob Jacobson
CERT Coordinator - Whatcom County, WA

Danielle Fisher at Mt. Everest with our whistle
(click to enlarge)

Danielle Fisher - Mt. Everest

In 2005 Danielle Fisher became the youngest US woman to scale the "Seven Summits" - Climbing the seven highest peaks on seven continents. She completed the feat when she reached the 29,035 foot summit of Mount Everest. Danielle carried our Whistle with her to the top, providing whistles to the Sherpas for use in locating climbers in the ever changing and dangerous weather conditions of Everest.

You can read about Danielle's efforts to raise awareness about ADHD and her future climbing adventures at her personal website.

Western Washington University

At Western Washington University we take pride in promoting the safety and well being of our community. As part of our personal safety programs, we recently embarked on providing whistles to faculty, staff and students for emergency purposes. It has become a resounding success.

When conducting our research towards selecting a whistle that would best meet our needs, your product excelled in every respect. Not only are they designed for a readily distinctive and loud noise; they are manufactured for durability and consumer safety. The included multi-purpose fasteners and a distinctive school logo encourage our people to have them readily available.

I want to commend you and your staff for a superior product that completely met the needs of our campus safety whistle program.

James E. Shaw
Chief of Police

safe alone

Safe Alone, Inc.

Thank you so much for the whistles made for Safe Alone, Inc. We are using them to promote safety awareness to women throughout Georgia. We have given these whistles out on the Silver Comet Trail for people who exercise alone and they are also given to each participant in our Fight Like A Girl defense classes. We will continue to use these as part of our safety programs for years to come!.

Paige Solcumb, President
Safe Alone, Inc.

virginia mason

Team Security - Virginia Mason Hospital

As the Director of Security for Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA - I have included whistles within my security program. I provide the whistle's with our company logo and the security department phone number imprinted on them, and provide to all employees that attend a security training event, as both an incentive and a thank you for attending.

It has been a great program and the whistles are of such quality, that employees are actually now wearing them on their lanyards.

Donald Pilker
Virginia Mason Hospital - Director of Security.

Lifesaving Resources - Water / Ice Rescue

During the past year, Lifesaving Resources has had the opportunity to
evaluate Whistles For Life during the conduct of our Ice Rescue Technician,
Water Rescue Technician, and Swiftwater Rescue Technician courses. The faculty and
instructors, as well as our many students, have all been very pleased with the quality,
construction, and performance of this safety whistle. Having used this whistle during the
conduct of our courses, I can personally say that this whistle measures up to everything
described on the Whistles for Life website.

These whistles have been used under some very intense environments and venues,
including indoor and outdoor swimming pools; lakes, rivers and streams; ocean
environments; and in moving water conditions, and during all four seasons. Our
instructors and faculty have used this whistle after being fully immersed and/or
submerged and after a quick shake, the whistle operates the same as if it were dry. We
are very pleased with the waterproof pea and the secondary chambers that create
separate omnidirectional high-pitched sounds

Lifesaving Resources issues this whistle to all Instructor candidates who participate in
our International Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Academies, as well as our International
Ice Rescue Train-the-Trainer Academies, and we will continue to do so because of the
quality and functionality of this safety whistle.

Gerald M Dworkin, Consultant

Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue

Fifty Sense - Design Seal of Approval

"I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you at the Winter OR show. You gave me a couple whistles and I have already given them away to people we love and want safe. You definitely passed our Fiftysense Design Seal of Approval - Sue"

Fifty Sense, founded by Sue and John Willilams reviews common sense ideas and products for active adults over 50. More information about adventure travel and outdoor activities can be seen at their website www.fiftysense.com.

Outdoor Retailer - Product Pick for 2010

It was our first attendance at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City and we were happy and excited to be one of the "Product Picks" in Day 2 of the show. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and exchanged stories of your outdoor adventures. It was a great time!

Official Whistle of NASAR