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USLA - United States Lifesaving Association

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USACE Safety Programs

Used by Top Safety Programs in the USA

We've designed this whistle to give individuals the best chance of being rescued, the ability to be heard. But don't just take it from us, see what other Safety Organizations are saying about the successful use of our whistles in their programs.

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You can download a printable PDF file of the whistle options and info on our USACE whistles for distribution via email or full color printing by clicking here.

USACE Safety Whistle Brochure

Ordering and Pricing Information:

Special volume pricing has been arranged for USACE employees and units. Minimum order is 20 whistles and are available in Safety Orange. Please use the form below to contact us or call 360-815-6677 for additional information on these special rates!

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US Army Corps of EngineersAvailable exclusively to the US Army Corps of Engineers for operations safety and water safety programs, these whistles carry the USACE logo on our safety orange whistle body.

The only official whistle of NASAR, this whistle is designed and used by safety professionals in Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, US Coast Guard, National Park Service, US Forest Service, Boating Safety Groups and US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan. .

In our partnership with the National Safe Boating Council we recognized the need for water and boating safety whistles on the lakes, dams and rivers under control by the US Army Corps of Engineers as well as their work with the "Wear It" lifejacket program.

Our Safety Whistle is designed as a safety signalling tool with three internal chambers that fire at the same time when blown . Two, to create separate pealess omnidirectional high shrills of different frequencies. The single center chamber has a pea that makes a loud staccato sound (up to 118-120 Decibels) with a full spectrum of pitches from low to high, breaking through environmental noise and alerting people that help is needed. It can be heard over large crowds, water and other natural and manmade noises.

This whistle is not a toy, but a survival tool. Constructed in the USA of the highest quality ABS plastic it can withstand being driven over by our fully loaded Search & Rescue Suburban SUV. It is the only rescue whistle made that is fully warrantied that if it ever fails or breaks due to workmanship or materials, we will replace it free and pay shipping in both directions.
USACE  Safety Whistle

  • High impact ABS plastic (custom colors available)
  • Length 70 MM (2.76”)
  • Width (at widest point) 35 MM (1.38”)
  • Thickness (at thickest point) 20 MM (excluding pea     barrel - 10 MM)
  • Top Surface Logo Area 25 x 30 MM
  • Loudness - Up to 118 - 120 dB
  • Pea diameter 8 MM
  • Universal locking safety clip included.
  • Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

Emergency Response

In preparation for Emergency Response by the USACE, these whistles provide a valuable tool for reaching out to citizens and establishing a first response tool should an emergency happen. Areas prone to environmental disasters and infrastructure failures such as dams and flooding can benefit from having a signalling device provided BEFORE the event happens.

Floods and Hurricanes can leave people trapped in attics, stranded in cars on roads with rushing water with no way of signalling for help. Having a rescue whistle on a keychain, or other easily accessible location provides people with the best chance of being rescued, the ability to be heard.

While we primarily provide the USACE branded whistle, custom whistles can be designed and manufactured to address local situations with contact phone numbers, web addresses and information specific to your geographical and network needs.

Water and Boating Safety Programs

USACE Water SafetyWater safety education programs and enforcement patrols have done a great job of informing the public of the importance of having a lifejacket for each person boating on our waterways. Having a quality signaling device is not only a good idea, but in many states it is the law for every operating watercraft. With a proper lifejacket a victim can survive mishaps in the water, but attaching a safety whistle to each lifejacket provides the victim a fast and effective way of signalling for help to passerbys and rescue teams.

Whistles for Life works with the National Safe Boating Council to use safety whistles as a way to promote safe and responsible boating activities. As an inexpensive but valuable safety item, custom branded whistles can be provided at outreach programs and safe boating events to help reduce loss of life and spread the important message of boating and water safety.

Official Whistle of NASAR