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Green CERT Whistle

Used by Top Safety Programs in the USA

We've designed this whistle to give individuals the best chance of being rescued, the ability to be heard. But don't just take it from us, see what other Safety Organizations are saying about the successful use of our whistles in their programs.

Disaster Preparedness Education

These branded CERT safety whistles are an ideal tool for use in your community disaster preparedness education programs. We have worked with numerous CERT teams which provide safety whistles to participants in their community outreach programs in combination with Citizen Corps and Medical Reserve Corps teams. We advocate ANY whistle be a part of your program, but despite good intentions, often cheaper, less performing whistles are purchased by local governments. Unfortunately they provide a false sense of security. These whistles easily break and do not emit the high volume and multiple frequencies that are critical for when a victim is in a life threatening situation. When it counts, make sure you and your fellow citizens have the best tool for being found and rescued.

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You can download a printable PDF file of the whistle options and info on our CERT whistles for distribution via email or full color printing by clicking here.

Cert Safety Whistle Brochure

Ordering and Pricing Information:

Special volume pricing has been arranged for Community Emergency Response Teams and Federal, State and Local Government. Minimum order is 20 whistles and are available in High-Viz Optic Green and Safety Orange. Please use the form below to contact us or call 360-815-6677 for additional information on these special rates!

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Community Emergency Response Team - CERTWe now offer our Tri-power whistle customized specifically for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and their disaster preparedness projects.

The only official whistle of NASAR, this whistle is designed and used by safety professionals in Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, US Coast Guard, National Park Service, US Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers and US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now it is available exclusively to CERT teams.

Many cities, businesses and communities acknowledging the need for disaster preparedness are requiring employees to have rescue whistles on their person and at their desk so they can signal for help when disaster strikes. In a building collapse the air quickly becomes choked with dust making yelling next to impossible. Noise from Rescue Vehicles and commotion drown out cries for help. If you can breathe, you can use this whistle to signal for help in even the most adverse situations.

Our Safety Whistle is designed as a safety signalling tool with three internal chambers . Two, to create a pealess 120Db omnidirectional high shrill of different frequencies. The single center chamber has a pea that makes a loud staccato sound with a full spectrum of pitches from low to high, breaking through environmental noise and alerting people that help is needed. It can be heard over large crowds, water and other natural noises.

This whistle is not a toy, but a survival tool. Constructed in the USA of the highest quality ABS plastic it can withstand being driven over by our fully loaded Search & Rescue Suburban SUV. It is the only rescue whistle made that is fully warrantied that if it ever fails or breaks due to workmanship or materials, we will replace it free and pay shipping in both directions.
Orange CERT Safety Whistle
Now with a custom CERT logo and available in either High-Viz Optic Green or our classic Safety Orange, your organization can proudly present this whistle to members and participating organizations with a quality life-saving tool for when disaster strikes. Custom colors and logo versions with your groups phone number, web-page, or city are also available on volume orders.

  • High impact ABS plastic (custom colors available)
  • Length 70 MM (2.76”)
  • Width (at widest point) 35 MM (1.38”)
  • Thickness (at thickest point) 20 MM (excluding pea     barrel - 10 MM)
  • Top Surface Logo Area 25 x 30 MM
  • Loudness - Up to 118 - 120 dB
  • Pea diameter 8 MM
  • Universal locking safety clip included.
  • Manufactured and Assembled in USA

What CERT teams have to say.

I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the Tri-Power whistle that we now provide to our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members. We feel that the whistle provides an excellent signaling device for any scenario the CERT member might find themselves in. It also gives them a sense of security and safety.

We find that this whistle's construction is superior to most, and the split ring and hook allow it to easily be attached to bags, packs or clothing. The CERT logo really adds a sense of pride for the members and identifies them with a great program.

Thank you so much for providing such a quality, useful product. Whistles For Life is a winner!

Bob Jacobson
CERT Coordinator - Whatcom County, WA
Official Whistle of NASAR