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Safety Whistles designed by Search & Rescue Professionals

If you can be Heard, you can be Rescued.

Sound is the #1 factor in deterring crime and finding lost victims. When you are injured, cold, lost and tired, shouting can leave you hoarse and exhausted in a matter of minutes.

However, if you can breathe, you can easily blow this Safety Whistle and be found by Rescue Personnel.

For this reason our whistles are designed and tested by Search and Rescue Professionals, the same type of people who are looking for you when disaster strikes. Whistles for Life provides you with the most important tool for being found in a life and death situation...

The Ability To Be Heard.

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A Powerful Safety Whistle Designed for Survival.

Our Tri-Power Safety Whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life threatening situation. Based on years of experience and testing in Search & Rescue situations, this Safety Whistle should be an essential item for any person looking for an inexpensive, but effective tool for being rescued. Read what our customers have to say.

Fundraising and Brand Promotion

Companies and Organizations wanting to set themselves apart from the crowd at trade shows or by handing out to clients will be sure to create a buzz with customized safety whistles. Because it has a life saving purpose, recipients will appreciate the thoughtfulness and caring of the giver. A quality safety whistle creates a lasting impression. Your logo (and caring) will be seen for years to come.

Garage sales are full of coffee cups, pens, and coasters with corporate logos, quickly passed off as soon as your customer gets home. But a quality whistle is seen as a life saving tool, worth keeping on a keychain, attached to a jacket, backpack or purse. Your company will be identified every time someone asks about the whistle they see on your customers person. Due to its life saving abilities, organizations can feel proud that they are offering something that will save lives.

Custom Whistles and Packaging

In addition to your unique logo, volume orders allow for virtually any color whistle to be manufactured to your specifications. Whistles can be delivered in bulk, or with custom blister-packaging for display in retail environments. Front packaging is in full color to further promote your company, with greyscale print on the back for additional lifesaving information.

Our Design Department is available to provide free of charge a visual prototype of your whistle in any color you chose with your company logo in the jewel. Interested parties can submit their contact information and a representative will e-mail you with the requirements to produce a printer friendly file to send in flyers or interdepartmental mail.

Packaging Dimensions (5 3/4" tall x 3 7/8" wide x 1 1/4" deep)

REI Tri Power Safety Whistle
pink fundraising whistle

3-Chambered 120 Decibel Sound:

  • 1 main chamber with a waterproof pea, creates a loud staccato sound critical for being heard above the roar of wind and emergency vehicles.

  • 2 secondary chambers create separate omnidirectional high pitched sounds

  • Loud 120 Decibel sound gets you heard in noisy environments.
3 chambered loud whistle

Solid Whistle Construction:

  • ABS plastic will not stick to lips and mouth in cold weather.

  • Hands-Free Mouth Grip.

  • Universal locking safety clip and waffled texture for easy grip.

  • Custom Logo Jewels available.

  • Meets anti-choking standards for children.
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US Forest Service and National Parks Service WhistlesNational Park ServiceUS Forest Service

We provide USFS whistles and NPS whistles in custom yellow and official logos for exclusive sale to National Forest and Park Employees. Special pricing offers allow Districts to group their orders together to receive the best volume pricing. Official "Smokey The Bear" versions are also available for sale and distribution to young visitors in our National Forests and Parks. Please click here for additional information on our whistle program for USFS and NPS employees.

safety whistle

The Worlds Foremost Advanced

Multi-Purpose Safety Whistle

US Coast Guard & Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Whistles

US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary are eligibleUS Coast Guard Whistle for the same government volume discounted pricing we offer to the US Forest Service and National Park Service. Specifically used in National Boating Safety programs, our whistle provides the best chance in being heard in a water emergencies. These whistles proudly carry the U.S. Coast Guard or Auxiliary Emblem and are available only to Coast Guard and Auxiliary personnel. Custom logo for specific events or promotions are available. Please contact us for special Coast Guard pricing and ordering information.

Community Emergency Response Teams - CERT Safety Whistles

Community Emergency Response Team - CERTDue to numerous requests from CERT Emergency Teams we are launching our new Hi-Viz Optic Green safety whistle for use in Disaster Preparedness by these outstanding volunteers. With the CERT logo on each whistle jewel this high performing safety whistle is an important tool for Search & Rescue and Emergency response. Special pricing is available to Federal, State and Local teams to help aid in their efforts to respond to those in need. click here for our CERT Safety Whistle page.

US Army Corps of Engineers Safety WhistlesUS Army Corps of Engineers Safety Whistle

In charge of our many dams, lakes and rivers, the Army Corps of Engineers is a key component in promoting water and boating safety for the Country. Specifically branded for use by USACE members and public safety programs these whistles are a valuable tool in our nations waterways and government construction projects. Additional information and images of our US Army Corps of Engineers Safety Whistle can be found by clicking here.

People helping People

northwest centerWhistles For Life is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Northwest Center, a local program with a mission to promote the growth, development and independence of people with developmental disabilities. Through this program, your whistle purchase helps expand training and work opportunities for adults with disabilities. Northwest Center has grown to become one of the largest community service organizations in the NW, serving the needs of children and adults through their inclusive programs.

National Safe Boating Council Official "Wear It" Safety Whistleswear it boating safety program

Whistles For Life recently became the official whistle for the National Safe Boating Council. The NSBC was first organized in 1958 and has a membership of over 330 US and Canadian organizations all with an interest in boating and safety education. The NSBC promotes safe boating through many programs including their "Wear It" lifejacket education program, protecting adults and children through the proper use of lifejackets in their water adventures. Whistles for Life is excited to have our whistles as part of boating safety programs across North America. If you are part of the NSBC or a safe boating program we have whistles available at a special discounted price with the National "Wear It" symbol. Additionally we can create State specific "Wear It" whistles for local safe boating campaigns. For more information on our Wear It safety whistles please click here.

Whistles Made In the USA
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Official Whistle of NASAR